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- In-Gyu Kim
82 - 54 - 9311488

CRESIN Co., Ltd.

CRESIN Co., Ltd.

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Cresin Co. Ltd., established in 2005, is a specialized company in the compound material field, manufacturing innovative products such as specialty functional plastics, engineering plastic compounds, nanocomposite, functional master batches, etc. Based on fundamentals and liabilities, our company has progressed continuously under the support and encouragement of our customers, and is currently leaping towards a company that is solid and steady through competitive system operations. We will always remember our original intentions of establishment and will strive to satisfy diverse customer needs such as quality management procedures through quality assurance starting from the design of materials, environmental management procedures through providing a total solution that includes recycle, and finally cost reduction. Through continuous change and innovation, we will become a company that provides the best value and quality to our customers.

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